To be honest, I’m only in it for the dog.

In our line of work, we walk in the dark. Doesn’t mean we have to walk in it alone.


Sameen Shaw + Smiling


Root and Shaw: ›Shoot

My friend is never wrong, which is… as annoying as that sounds.


Person of Interest, in a nutshell:

Harold tries to balance his pride in creating an advanced AI which protects and saves countless people against his guilt over the destruction that has followed in the wake of his machine;  Reese tries to make restitution for a blood-soaked past by using the same skills that made him such an effective killer to now help save people;  Root tries to become the avatar of the machine, and only through doing so begins to understand that humanity is something to be protected, not pitied;

Sameen Shaw just tries to finish a damn meal.


Person of Interest | Most Likely to… | S3E19


Shaw: OK, this day job thing. Not really working out.

Root: Sorry, Sam, you need an identity. And you need to trust the Machine.

Shaw: Wait, you mean the Machine put me in the silliest job?

Root: It’s the only way to keep you alive. And out of Samaritan’s radar.

Shaw: Just promise me John’s a barista.