That’s it, I’ve had enough. STOP! WITH THE F***ING RAPE CULTURE BULLSHIT. Most of the people who use this term don’t even know what the hell your talking about. If you have a problem with Hook’s character and how he is portrayed and you don’t like the Captain Swan ship - THEN DON’T WATCH THE F***ING SHOW. How hard is that concept? You pick up the remote and you change the channel. Simple! No more Hook - no more Captain Swan - no more rape culture. See how easy that is.

OH, ENOUGH WITH THIS RAPE THING. -____- You’re talking nonsense. STFU, you idiots.


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prayer circle for killian to give emma a desperate, long, emotional hug after they get her out of the ice



This isn’t over.

It never is. All the more reason to enjoy the  q u i e t  m o m e n t s.


"I wish Emma had more reasons to smile." - Jennifer Morrison [x]


                                  you wanna go h o m e and see what’s on netflix?


Killian I have no idea what that is Jones